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8th Grade Dialogue

8th Grade Dialogue
Thursday, August 30 – Friday, August 31, 2018

8th Grade Dialogues are an annual event where every 8th grader participates. We take 25% of the 8th grade class at one time up to the Boys & Girls Club to discuss what it would take to make Malibu High School an even better school than it already is. The Dialogues are valuable because they provide a safe place for 8th graders to discuss ways of improving Malibu High School. Every student affects the school in some way – positively or negatively. Our hope is that after this half day retreat students will walk away with a greater understanding of themselves and others. We want students to develop a personal understanding of their responsibility in creating a positive school climate. The main facilitator for this event is Elle Nickerson (MHS Middle School Counselor). Also leading will be an 8th grade teacher, plus the staff of the Boys & Girls Club.

Questions? Please contact Elle Nickerson at Malibu High School at 457-6801 ext 74274, or

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