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US History

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Baby selection dates
Signed syllabus
Spell "Psychology" quiz
"Blink" quiz to page 48
Stanford prison experiment
"Blink" quiz to page 72
"Blink" quiz to page 98
Book drop Experiment
"Blink quiz to page 146
Dream journal
"Blink" quiz to page 188
"Blink" quiz to page 244
Memory assignment
Observational Learning assignment
"Blink" quiz, afterward
Id, Ego, Superego
Alternate "baby" assignment


DUE DATES are for 2017-18 School Year
-Signed forms
1/23-Role of Influence worksheet
1/24-Observational learning
2/9-Research topics
-"You and Groups" worksheet
-"You" worksheet
2/2-"Outliers" quiz (Intro)
-Parents survey
2/2-Methods quiz
2/14-Outliers quiz (Ch.1)
2/23-Outliers quiz (Ch. 2)
2/16-Culture and "The Gods Must Be Crazy" questions
2/9-Research topics
3/7-Outliers quiz (Ch. 3)
3/14-Outliers quiz (Ch. 4)
3/8-Merchants of Cool
3/14-Socialization and the Media
3/21-Outliers quiz (Ch. 5)
3/23-"Stand By Me" assignment
4/18-"Outliers" quiz, (Ch. 6)
4/23-Deviant assignment
-"Dead Poets Society" and deviance notes
5/2-"Outliers" quiz, (Ch. 7)
 5/9-"Outliers" quiz, (Ch. 8)
5/16-"Outliers" quiz (Ch. 9)
-Poverty Quiz
5/4-Research Project
-"With Honors" paper
-"Outliers" quiz, epilogue
-Elderly questions

US History

Signed forms
Basic geography quiz
Create a Continent
Colonial region chart
Physiographic/Geo. terms test
Colonial Economy w/s
Declaration of Independence questions
Constitution questions
Colonies to Constitution Test
Sectionalism worksheet
Slave state map
Civil War circle graphs
Andersonville Prison worksheet (read only)
Battles of Civil War worksheet
Textbook, read page 218- 227
Civil War test
"Growth of Industrialism" worksheet
"Big Business" worksheet
Immigrant Cartoons
Read pages 243-251
Progressive Era test
Spanish-American War worksheet
Alaska/Hawaii summary
Propaganda poster
Sedition assignment
U.S. Becomes a World Power Test
Jazz Age Test
20s-30s worksheet
Read pages 483-487
States Test
Great Depression Test
WW II pictoword
Geographic crossword puzzle
Axis expansion map
U.S. reaction to  Holocaust
WW ll test
Decade topic selection list
Band of Brothers Project
Decade thesis worksheet
Algier Hiss assignment
Cold war time-lines
Read in text pages 642-649
Decades day due date
Cold War sentences/word search
Cold War test
Decades day due date
Civil Rights quiz
-Vietnam War map
-Vietnam After Geneva worksheet
-Vietnam War Test
-Decade Day, final copy
-Decade Day
-Watergate terms
-Watergate quiz


DUE DATES are for 2017-18 School Year
8/26-Signed syllabus
-Cost vs benefits
9/2-Opportunity costs examples
9/6-Productive resources worksheet
9/7-Types of economy worksheet
9/12-Introduction to Economics test
9/23-Stock market terms quiz
9/28-Read pages 75-79 & 82-85
-Substitute Goods worksheet
10/18-Supply and Demand test
10/31-"Market Structure" quiz
10/31-Ch. 7 notebook guide
11/9-Freakonomics Question
11/29-Ch. 12 notebook guide
11/29-Government, taxes, and the budget test
11/30-Freakonomics Question, ch.1
11/30-Textbook reading about Keynes and Smith
12/13-"Money" quiz
-Ch. 8 quiz
-Ch. 8 notebook guide
-NCEE Lesson
-Ch. 15 notebook guide
-Ch. 15 quiz
-"Roger and Me" paper


DUE DATES are for 2017-18 School Year
-signed forms
1/17-Gov't quote assignment
1/30-Ch. 1 quiz
1/30-Ch. 1 packet
-Ch. 2, 2.3-2.5
2/10-Freakonomics Ch. 3 quiz
2/13-Ch. 2 quiz
2/13-Ch. 2 packet
-Ch. 3 quiz
2/27-Ch. 3 Packet
2/28-Freakonomics Question, Ch. 4
5/1-Government Meeting Assignment
3/13-Checking Power with Power worksheet
3/15-Freakonomics Question, Ch. 5
3/19-Ch. 4 quiz
3/19-Ch. 4 packet
4/28-Freedom of Religion worksheet
-Freedom of Speech worksheet
4/26-Ch. 5 quiz
4/28-Ch. 5 packet
5/10-Constitution test
5/5-Due process story
5/1-Government meeting
5/30-Political cartoon worksheet
5/24-Ch. 8 quiz
5/24-Ch. 8 notebook guide

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