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US History

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1/18-Baby selection dates
-Signed syllabus
1/16-Spell "Psychology" quiz
1/30-"Blink" quiz to page 48
-Stanford prison experiment
2/15-"Blink" quiz to page 72
2/27-"Blink" quiz to page 98
2/5-Book drop Experiment
3/12-"Blink quiz to page 146
3/20-Dream journal
4/19-"Blink" quiz to page 188
5/3-"Blink" quiz to page 244
5/10-Memory assignment
5/17-Observational Learning assignment
5/17-"Blink" quiz, afterward
5/11-Id, Ego, Superego
-Alternate "baby" assignment


-Signed forms
1/23-Role of Influence worksheet
1/24-Observational learning
2/9-Research topics
-"You and Groups" worksheet
-"You" worksheet
2/2-"Outliers" quiz (Intro)
-Parents survey
2/2-Methods quiz
2/14-Outliers quiz (Ch.1)
2/23-Outliers quiz (Ch. 2)
2/16-Culture and "The Gods Must Be Crazy" questions
2/9-Research topics
3/7-Outliers quiz (Ch. 3)
3/14-Outliers quiz (Ch. 4)
3/8-Merchants of Cool
3/14-Socialization and the Media
3/21-Outliers quiz (Ch. 5)
3/23-"Stand By Me" assignment
4/18-"Outliers" quiz, (Ch. 6)
4/23-Deviant assignment
-"Dead Poets Society" and deviance notes
5/2-"Outliers" quiz, (Ch. 7)
 5/9-"Outliers" quiz, (Ch. 8)
5/16-"Outliers" quiz (Ch. 9)
-Poverty Quiz
5/4-Research Project
-"With Honors" paper
-"Outliers" quiz, epilogue
-Elderly questions

US History

8/25-Signed forms
8/29-Basic geography quiz
9/6-Create a Continent
-Colonial region chart
9/12-Physiographic/Geo. terms test
-Colonial Economy w/s
-Declaration of Independence questions
9/15-Constitution questions
9/20-Colonies to Constitution Test
9/27, 9/28-Sectionalism worksheet
10/6-Slave state map
9/29-Civil War circle graphs
10/9-Andersonville Prison worksheet (read only)
10/12-Battles of Civil War worksheet
-Textbook, read page 218- 227
10/12-Civil War test
10/18-10/19-"Growth of Industrialism" worksheet
10/18-10/19-"Big Business" worksheet
-Immigrant Cartoons
-Read pages 243-251
10/31-Progressive Era test
-Spanish-American War worksheet
11/7-Alaska/Hawaii summary
11/17-Propaganda poster
-Sedition assignment
11/21- U.S. Becomes a World Power Test
12/12 & 12/11-Jazz Age Test
1/17- 20s-30s worksheet
-Read pages 483-487
1/31 & 2/1-States Test
1/17-Great Depression Test
1/19-WW II pictoword
-Geographic crossword puzzle
-Axis expansion map
2/2-U.S. reaction to  Holocaust
2/21-2/22-WW ll test
2/7 & 2/8-Decade topic selection list
3/19-Band of Brothers Project
2/16-Decade thesis worksheet
4/23-Algier Hiss assignment
4/17-Cold war time-lines
4/17-Read in text pages 642-649
3/23-Decades day due date
4/24-Cold War sentences/word search
4/24-Cold War test
5/2-5/3-Decades day due date
5/15-Civil Rights quiz
-Vietnam War map
-Vietnam After Geneva worksheet
-Vietnam War Test
-Decade Day, final copy
-Decade Day
-Watergate terms
-Watergate quiz


8/26-Signed syllabus
-Cost vs benefits
9/2-Opportunity costs examples
9/6-Productive resources worksheet
9/7-Types of economy worksheet
9/12-Introduction to Economics test
9/23-Stock market terms quiz
9/28-Read pages 75-79 & 82-85
-Substitute Goods worksheet
10/18-Supply and Demand test
10/31-"Market Structure" quiz
10/31-Ch. 7 notebook guide
11/9-Freakonomics Question
11/29-Ch. 12 notebook guide
11/29-Government, taxes, and the budget test
11/30-Freakonomics Question, ch.1
11/30-Textbook reading about Keynes and Smith
12/13-"Money" quiz
-Ch. 8 quiz
-Ch. 8 notebook guide
-NCEE Lesson
-Ch. 15 notebook guide
-Ch. 15 quiz
-"Roger and Me" paper


-signed forms
1/17-Gov't quote assignment
1/30-Ch. 1 quiz
1/30-Ch. 1 packet
-Ch. 2, 2.3-2.5
2/10-Freakonomics Ch. 3 quiz
2/13-Ch. 2 quiz
2/13-Ch. 2 packet
-Ch. 3 quiz
2/27-Ch. 3 Packet
2/28-Freakonomics Question, Ch. 4
5/1-Government Meeting Assignment
3/13-Checking Power with Power worksheet
3/15-Freakonomics Question, Ch. 5
3/19-Ch. 4 quiz
3/19-Ch. 4 packet
4/28-Freedom of Religion worksheet
-Freedom of Speech worksheet
4/26-Ch. 5 quiz
4/28-Ch. 5 packet
5/10-Constitution test
5/5-Due process story
5/1-Government meeting
5/30-Political cartoon worksheet
5/24-Ch. 8 quiz
5/24-Ch. 8 notebook guide

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