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Welcome to the 2018 - 2019 School Year

July, 2018

Dear Students and Parents of Malibu High School,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. Students, it is time to get ready as school starts on Thursday, August 23. Enjoy these final weeks of summer while getting excited to begin a wonderful new school year. To our incoming 6th Graders, the Class of 2025, we welcome you and your parents to Malibu High School. You, along with many new students and families, are starting a special journey. You all are joining a wonderful community of students, teachers, counselors, administrators, support staff and community members who are here to serve and are thrilled to start the new school year.

We ask that you carefully review each item contained on the 2018-2019 Registration Page. It contains information and forms you will need to bring to Get Your Stuff Day (GYSD). GYSD is your opportunity to get your stuff so you are prepared for the first days of school.
  • Middle School GYSD is on Tuesday, August 14 from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
  • 11:30 - New Student Orientation, room C-19. (Parents only).
  • 12:00 - students tour the Boy's and Girls Club
  • Food, games, and activities
Below are specific details regarding the materials you are being asked to read and/or sign.

Arriving at your home in the mail –
  • The Shark Fund’s Annual Report – The Shark Fund is Malibu High School’s volunteer fundraising group comprised of dedicated parents who are committed to supporting a vast array of programs here at Malibu High. Through your generous donations, The Shark Fund supports the PTSA, Athletic Booster Club, Arts Angels and Malibu High’s academic programs. We ask that you review the annual report and support The Shark Fund by making a donation. We are seeking 100% participation from all families and ask each MHS family to make a donation. A donation envelope is included for you to bring to GYS Day. Your support is invaluable to maintaining and growing outstanding programs at Malibu High School.

  • Your student’s unofficial 2018 - 2019 class schedule – You are receiving an unofficial schedule that is subject to change before the start of school. High school students - If you have a concern about a course on your schedule, you can pick up a Schedule Change Request Form from the Main Office. Once you have reviewed the master schedule, complete the form and leave it in your counselor’s mailbox. We will not honor requests for teacher or period changes. We are also requiring students to honor commitments they made when selecting classes, in particular, when selecting honors and advanced placement classes. Many classes, including electives, are full and cannot be changed. Every effort will be made to honor schedule change requests before school starts, but changes that cannot be made will be reviewed in the opening days of school. Middle school students – If you have a concern about your schedule, please fill out a schedule change request for Mrs. Nickerson. Counselors are scheduling new students during the week of August 14 and are not available to see students regarding schedule change requests.
There are a few reasons why a student may not receive a schedule in this mailing. The student:
  1. owes books or financial obligations from last year,
  2. is a new student who has not yet met with his or her counselor,
  3. is in grade 7-12 and does not have the TDaP immunization documented,
  4. is an Independent Study Program (ISP) student who will work with the ISP teacher to develop a schedule.
We ask all students to immediately return or pay for all library and textbooks belonging to Malibu High as we must have them for the start of the school year. We will provide you your schedule when you resolve textbook or library obligations. If you need a current immunization, please take care of this and come to the school with your documentation on or before Get Your Stuff Day.

Counseling assignments are as follows:
Middle School
Grades 6 – 8 Mrs. Elle Nickerson

High School
Grades 9 –12 Mr. Luke Sferra Last names beginning with letters A – K
Grades 9 – 12 Mrs. Katie Dahm Last names beginning with letters L – Z

The first day of school is Thursday, August 23. High school students must pick up their official schedule in the New Gym. Middle school students must pick up their official schedule from tables set up in the middle school quad near the library. Students then proceed to the first period class shown on the official schedule. Even if students believe there is an error, they are to attend all the classes shown on their official schedule. There are no schedule changes the first day of school.

Online Registration 2018-2019 – To Read and Keep
  • SMMUSD Rights and Responsibilities Information Booklet – Each year, the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District publishes a booklet informing parents and students of their rights and responsibilities. Please read and review the booklet with your student. Retain the booklet or bookmark the electronic link for future use.
  • SMMUSD District Policies - Controlled Substance, Weapons, Bullying, Hate-Motivated Behavior, Tobacco Use and Telecommunications Acceptable Use Policies – We ask all students and parents to carefully review the District’s policies regarding controlled substances, forbidden weapons, bullying, hate motivated behavior and tobacco use. We encourage parents to discuss these policies with your student to ensure that he or she understands the policies and the consequences for violating them. These policies are important in ensuring a safe and healthy campus for all students. We will go over these in classrooms with our students as well.
  • MHS School Policies - Dress Code Policy, Civility Policy, Attendance Guidelines and Tardy Policy, and Cell Phone and Electronics Policy - Parents, please review the dress code, tardy and cell phone/electronics policies we use at MHS with your student(s) to ensure an understanding of the policies and the consequences for violating them. We will go over these in classrooms with our students as well. In addition, review the civility policy to assure all adults engage in courteous discourse.
  • Student Accident and Health Insurance Program Application – Applications for low cost accident insurance for students are available in the main office and on line. The accident insurance is an affordable insurance option for students including student athletes. Completed applications are to be returned to the Main Office (Athletic applications must be returned to the school office) or mailed directly to Myers Stevens.
  • Get Your Stuff Day Checklist – Instructions for Get Your Stuff Day including dates, times and what to bring. This is helpful to print off and use to make sure all items are completed.
Online Registration 2018 -2019 – To be Returned on GYSD
  • Student Emergency and Information Form - Two emergency forms per student – It is very important that we have accurate emergency contact information for every student. Please complete, print and return two (2) emergency forms, per student, and bring them with you on GYS Day. These should be completed by the parent. (If you are a High School athlete, print additional copies of the emergency form – one copy for the athletic trainer and one copy for every sport you intend to play.)

  • District and School Policy Signature Page - This is a comprehensive sign-off page that needs to be completed and returned on GYS Day. Please complete one form per student. This provides a sign-off for the following policies and practices:
  1. SMMUSD Rights and Responsibilities Booklet
  2. District Polices: Controlled Substance, Weapons, Bullying, Hate-Motivated Behavior, Tobacco Use and Telecommunication Acceptable Use (AUP) Policy
  3. MHS School Policies: Dress Code Policy, Civility Policy, Tardy Policy and Cell Phone/Electronics Policy
  • General Filming and Recording Student Release Form – During the school year, students are occasionally photographed, filmed and/or recorded during school activities and field trips. The recordings may be exhibited at school as part of curricular and extracurricular activities; published in internal/external newsletters, public relations materials and other District publications; and released to news and documentary organizations to recognize the work of the school and our students. They may also be published and shown as parts of other broadcasts. This release allows your child to be recorded and allows the District to use and circulate these recordings. Return one of these forms per student.
  • School Pictures Order Form/Identification card – All students, including seniors, must have their picture taken for a student ID card. Seniors will receive a letter this fall from White Studios regarding senior portraits. Students who miss GYS Day will be asked to take an ID photo on our make-up picture day once school starts. Students opting to purchase school pictures should return the school picture order form on GYS Day(s).
  • PTSA Directory, Volunteer and Membership Form – Parents (and students) are highly encouraged to participate in our PTSA. Y(our) PTSA is an important resource for parents seeking to stay connected with Malibu High and other parents. Complete this form to be included in the PTSA Student/Staff Directory, to volunteer at Malibu High and to join the PTSA. PTSA requests that you make every effort to submit this form online. Printed forms will be available at GYS Day.
Associated Student Body (ASB) Student Store - Student Planners, ASB Cards, PE uniforms and parking permits are available for purchase online. Click the ASB Student Store graphic on the Registration page for access instructions. Items purchased online can be picked up during GYSD. This is typically the longest line. Avoid the line by purchasing your items online prior to Friday August 10 at 5:00pm. Items not picked up at GYS Days must be picked up in the student store during the first week of school. PE uniforms are expected to be worn for physical education class. Additionally, we have student planners for purchase. Middle and high school students will find the planners an excellent tool for managing assignments and due dates. Your planners also contain a diverse set of academic tools that are useful in many of your courses. We always appreciate and recognize voluntary donations from our parents and community members. Your generosity helps support our educational goals and programs and services for students. Please understand that any donations are voluntary and your student’s ability to participate in a school activity is never conditioned on making a donation or paying a fee, deposit or other charge. All donations are optional; none are required.

Students are required to have a parking permit to park on campus. Seniors and juniors wishing to purchase a parking permit must carefully read the information provided online. The parking permit is $100.00. Students must have and present their driver’s license and current proof of insurance to receive the permit sticker. Malibu High has limited student parking with priority first given to seniors then juniors. On HS GYS Day, senior sales will take place from 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Parking permits for juniors will take place from 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Students are encouraged to purchase parking permits online and bring the required documents at the times stated. We cannot accommodate every student driver. Students who purchase a parking permit are expected to park on campus and not on neighboring streets. Student drivers must practice safe and respectful driving practices at all times. Doing so includes obeying all street parking regulations. Students who park on campus without a parking permit are subject to being ticketed and/or towed.

High school students are encouraged to purchase ASB cards that may be used for admission to ASB sponsored events and activities. A special ASB card + parking permit combination will be available as a “Special Offer” item to seniors and juniors. Visit the online ASB Student Store to make your purchase. The "Special Offer" will be available for purchase online.

Additional Information
  • Bus pass information. Renewing riders should have received a renewal application in the mail from the District Office. District staff will be at Malibu High School on both GYS Days to take your application and payment. Applications for new riders and bus information will be available on both days. There are a limited number of passes that will be sold for some bus routes. Passes will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Free and Reduced Lunch Application - New applications need to be completed annually (one per family). If you did not do this over the summer, take care of it at GYS Day.
  • Athletic Booster Club Shark Wear - Visit the Athletic Booster Club tent to purchase Shark Wear for parents and students.
  • Boys & Girls Club of Malibu 6th Grade Welcome – 6th grade students are invited to 6th Grade Welcome at the Boys & Girls Club on Tuesday, August 15 at 11:30 a.m. This is a wonderful opportunity for new students to experience the many opportunities at The Club while getting a tour of the campus, getting questions answered, eating lunch with new and old friends and becoming familiar with MHS.
  • New Parent Lunch and Orientation – Incoming 6th Grade parents, and parents new to Malibu High, are invited to a new family lunch and orientation on Tuesday, August 14 at 12:00p.m. in C-19.
  • PTSA Breakfast and Meeting - All parents are welcome on Thursday, August 23 at 8:30a.m for an informational meeting and welcome back to school. We will repeat the new family orientation after the PTSA Breakfast and Meeting.
See you soon!


Dr. Cheli Nye

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